Simplified Online Systems

SolvHealth is an online Occupational Health system designed to help organisations easily manage employee health records, maintain regulatory compliance, analyse trends and drive health initiatives to mitigate absenteeism. 

Your people are your most important asset, and are essential for the operational success of your business. Use our platform to help keep them healthy, happy and engaged.

SolvSafety takes the complexity out of safety reporting, and helps you improve standardisation and compliance across your business.

We have a configurable framework that aligns with your company needs. Using our simplified platform lets you drive a positive safety culture.

Our online injury and claims management system helps businesses efficiently and effectively capture, track and manage all their injury and claims information.

The system has a simplified framework which is intuitive and easy to use. This helps to ensure your business remains compliant covering all jurisdictions and self-insurance.

We keep it safe! Protecting our client’s data is our highest priority and we take various measures to ensure our systems are highly secure:

  • All data is encrypted in transit and at rest and is stored and backed-up in Australia with Microsoft Azure
  • We use firewalls, intrusion detection, anti-virus/malware detection and regular penetration testing
  • Our servers and processes are certified under ISO27001, ISO27017, ISO27018, IRAP and SOC 1/2/3

Our Pricing Model

Our pricing module includes a one off setup and an ongoing licence fee based on your risk profile, the size of your business, and your requirements.

Our dedicated sales team are happy to discuss how we can get you Solving!