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Claims management made easy

Injury icon

Incident + Injury to employee

Incident occurs resulting in injury to employee

Add file

Manually add Injury into Solv Platform

Or manually add Injuries into the Solv system - (including non-work related, early intervention and mental health injuries etc)

Data workflow

Capture the Incident in your Safety System

Incidents that are captured in an Incident/Safety System can be automatically sent to Solv using integration options. This process is seamless when using the Donesafe platform

Mail bell

Nominated user is notified

Relevant email notifications are then sent to the nominated users to manage the injury once it’s added into Solv

Computer doc

Manage as a Claim in Solv

And if it becomes a claim, you can seamlessly manage both Insured or Self-Insured cases by generating the relevant claim forms and RTW plans, utilising the compensation calculator, or easily add payments & estimates. These features and more will ensure efficiency.

Manage injury

Manage the Injury in Solv

Injuries can then be efficiently managed in Solv using functionality to create RTW plans, and upload medical certificates and other relevant documents.

Mail bell

Ongoing Claim Management (insured + self-insured)

Continue to manage all ongoing claims in Solv.

File check

Claim Closed

Close out the claim once the injured worker has returned to work safely.

Maximise productivity

Transform your workflow using our claim record summary page with a claim progress section giving users a complete overview of the claim record. Easily add, upload and track claim documents for a seamless claim management experience.

State Based Claim Forms

Both employee and employer claim forms can be accessed and completed within Solv. The built-in legislation recognises the claim jurisdiction and generates the correct state-based form. A drag and drop upload function is also available for forms completed outside of the system.

Upload Medical Certificates

As an important part of the injury and claim management process, we make adding medical certificates easy with drag and drop features, split screen views to preview certificates, automatic reminders for overdue certificates, and auto populated data in the lost time calendar for lost and restricted days incurred.

Custom RTW Plans

We build your RTW plan into the Solv platform, giving users the ability to easily generate, complete and email out the RTW plan directly from the system. Users will get system-generated alerts when the RTW is about to expire to ensure these are updated in a timely manner.

Compensation Calculator

Our in-built compensation calculator function helps users calculate weekly compensation entitlements payable to the injured worker, as well as track claimed and reimbursed amounts from your Insurer.

Track Payments

Add all medical, legal, and allied health payments in a dedicated payments section with easy drag and drop upload features. The system tracks reimbursed payments and “excess/medical threshold” for VIC claims.

Integration with iCare

We’ve created a process that allows you to automatically send new injuries to icare and receive claim numbers from icare, all in real time via an API (Just a cool way of saying “integration”).

Solv ticks all your claim
management boxes

Bill dallor
Have your cost of claims report sent to us monthly direct from your insurer and we’ll automatically upload that into the system for you.
Legal doc
Store any legal documents or correspondance in a centralised place and then easily export all or specific documents when required.
Files edit
The designated notes section lets you capture file notes, emails, letters and tasks for easy access.
Email in
Email-in feature makes it easy to email any correspondence into Solv with functionality that files it into the specific injury/claim case file.
Files system
Store letter templates in the system and when generated, the merge fields will pre-populate with the relevant information.
Export forms
Easily Export injury/claim information or entire case files from the system when required.

Powerful Reporting Solution

Turn your self insurance data into smart decisions.

We have a comprehensive reporting solution embedded into the Solv platform providing valuable insights into your claims by comparing key metrics. Access build-your-own capability, exporting options, scheduling functionality and fast load times. Users will also have access to a suite of standard reports including charts and dashboards commonly used across all businesses.

Frequently asked questions

Solv is an online injury and claims management system that helps businesses efficiently and effectively capture, track and manage all their injury and claims information.

Our pricing model is an all-inclusive service where the one-off set-up fee and ongoing annual licence fee covers onboarding and ongoing support. We quote based on your unique business requirements, size of your business, and your injury and claims volumes. Contact us and we’ll put you in touch with one of our solution experts for more information.

We offer free trial access using our live demo account. Contact us to get your free trial access and a guided demo.

Successful implementation requires collaboration and regular communication from all Stakeholders. We have a tried and tested process that can take as quick as 6 weeks or as long as 18 weeks depending on the complexity of the business requirements. A timeframe will be agreed upon during the sign-up stage.

The Solv Platform is an off the shelf solution offering some configuration options including data fields specific to your requirements, RTW Plans, Homepage view, notifications and other configuration options that one of our solution experts can discuss with you.

We have established relationships with most insurers across Australia. As part of the implementation process, we arrange for your cost of claims report to be sent to us monthly direct from your insurer.

We work with regulators across Australia and get notified of upcoming legislative changes to ensure that our developers can make these updates within the platform at no additional cost to our clients.

The Solv platform is a cloud based online system accessible on a web browser using secure login details.

We offer personalised training when you go live with the system. Once live with the system, users can easily register for regular group webinar training sessions covering different topics for various skill levels.

Still have questions?

Why not get in touch and let us answer them directly.

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