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Benefits of an Effective OHS Management System

Benefits of an Effective OHS Management System

According to WorkSafe Victoria, research shows clear links between effective OHS management systems and long-term business efficiency. Disjointed processes result in operational inefficiencies that can trigger significant organisational losses. The right platform improves health and safety outcomes, minimises risk, transforms safety culture, and reduces injuries and claims. 

Maybe your organisation has no system in place to manage OHS, or maybe you’re looking to improve your existing system. Or maybe you’re satisfied with your platform but understand the importance of keeping up-to-date on industry offerings. We hope that regardless of your company’s OHS management system position, this post will be a worthwhile read.

Benefits of an effective system

An effective OHS management system delivers an immediate, crystal-clear view of each health- and safety-related occurrence in its workplace. It also provides an unambiguous, uncontested record of that occurrence, the response to it, and information on further actions.

 Implementing an effective OHS system in your organisation:

  • Improves health and safety performance across the business

    By taking preventative action, and reducing incidents and injuries, organisations enhance workplace health and safely across the business.

  • Reduces cost of major incidents and injuries, and their associated costs

    By taking preventative action, organisations save on medical expenses, wages of injured workers, replacement labour, insurance claim excesses, and increases in insurance premiums.

  • Facilitates optimal compliance

    The system delivers the ability to rapidly adapt and align with the latest OH&S obligations, government mandates, and safe work best practices.

  • Promotes safety culture

    The system enables the creation of a dynamic safety culture and improves overall company performance.

  • Enables risk mitigation

    Organisations use real-time intelligent insights and reporting to help identify, prevent and anticipate risk, and measure performance.

  • Strengthens worker morale and retention

    No-one wants to work in an unsafe environment. In fact, Australian Human Rights Commission research reveals that the most effective way to attract and support competent, productive workers is by the provision of a safe and healthy work place.

  • Enhances corporate and social responsibility

    Australians expect organisations to bear social responsibility, and it’s recognised that strong OHS management policies and systems demonstrate the degree to which a company values physical, psychological and social employee well-being.

Helping you manage your OHS

HSI Donesafe is recognised as the industry’s top-tier system for managing OHS. It’s a next generation platform designed to unlock your workplace health and safety potential.

Plus, the integration of HSI Donesafe and Solv, the leader in injury and claims management, provides an end-to-end safety and injury solution that keeps your workplace safe and allows your team to focus on your people rather than on administration.

Here are some key ways in which the HSI Donesafe platform can help you effectively manage your OHS:

  • Easy implementation

    Enjoy a hassle-free implementation process that gives you the freedom to design your workflows and forms based on your requirements. Then easily make changes to future-proof compliance requirements.

  • Streamline your processes

    The platform is configurable and allows you to imagine and create your solution. Save valuable time by systemising and automating workflows, actions and repetitive tasks.

  • Centralised solution

    Bring all your people, systems, and data together to create a smart way to manage health, safety and injury, all in the one platform.

  • Empower your employees

    Designed with the end user in mind, the platform works on any device with no training required. This encourages employee participation and improves your safety culture. 

  • Gain valuable insights

    Turn reporting into actionable intel. Discover why things happen and how, to improve compliance, and reduce incidents and injuries. 

Make employee health and safety a priority. Take a critical look at your organisation’s OHS management system, then take action. In the process, you’ll also raise compliance, productivity, and business and profits.